WSBC Occupational Health and Safety

Regulation Changes — Effective May 1, 2017

Regulation Summary of Changes
1.1 Definitions for Flammable Liquid and Combustible Liquid
4.56  Area Guards and Handrails
4.80—4.82 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) and E-Cigarette Vapour
28.9 Exception for Agriculture ETS and E-Cigarette Vapour
5.71 (2) Combustible and/or Flammable Air Contaminants
6.4—6.6, 6.32 Asbestos Inventories and Documentation Retention
6.58—6.66 Lead—clearer direction on handling
6.110—6.115 Rock Dust and Silica. Peer reviewed data allowed for Exp. Data
12.83.1 Chassis Dynamometers—motor vehicle testing
13.11 Scaffolds—Support of powered hoists and cranes must be P. Eng.
14.1, 14.2(8) Cranes and Hoists—removal of light duty portable material hoists
14.5, 14.11, 14.81 Cranes—Rated Capacity, Testing
20.2 NOP’s must be submitted 48 hours prior. Resubmit if changes. Now requires by Employer/ Prime and Employer doing work.
20.2.1 NOP—Hazardous Substances
22.12(1) & (2) Appointment and Role of Underground Supervisor
22.63 Underground Workings—Ground Control During Excavations
26.1 New definition of “Mobile Equipment”
26.13.4 Saw Chain Shot


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